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The Philosophy

Unearthing the Power of Six

At the very core of lies an idea, a philosophy rooted in the innate beauty of numbers and the synergy they hold with the human body and spirit. But why six? What is it about this number that encapsulates our very essence?

1. The Six Physical Motor Skills: Every individual possesses six fundamental motor skills - agility, balance, coordination, strength & power, reaction time, and speed. These are the pillars upon which any physical activity stands, especially tennis. At, we recognize and nurture these core components, crafting programs that holistically enhance these abilities. This isn't just training; it's a transformation - molding, refining, and perfecting the human form to its peak potential.

2. The Essence of a Tennis Set: In tennis, six games make a set. This isn't just a number; it's a journey. Each game presents a story of struggle, strategy, perseverance, and triumph. Six encapsulates the ebb and flow, the highs and lows, and the sheer unpredictability that makes tennis a beautiful game. We imbue this spirit into our training, teaching our players not just the skills, but the art of the game, the dance of strategy, and the rhythm of perseverance.

3. The 6-Week Physical Transformation: Transformation is never instant. It's a journey, and ours is charted over six weeks. This isn't a random time frame; it's a period that has shown consistent, tangible results in physical metamorphosis. In these six weeks, we challenge you, support you, and guide you. It's an expedition from where you are to where you dream to be.

The Unity of Six:


Six isn't just a number to us. It's a symbol of balance, unity, and perfection. It represents the harmony of mind, body, and spirit in the realm of tennis fitness. At, we embrace this ideology, striving always to offer training and programs that aren't just about performance but are a celebration of the human spirit and the endless possibilities it holds. Join us in our journey. Discover the power, the philosophy, and the passion of six.

Tennis-Centric Training

Harnessing the power and precision of tennis, we've curated programs that enhance every serve, volley, and return. Dive into a training regime centered around the court, optimizing your physical prowess for peak tennis performance.

Six-Week Transformations

Our unique 6-week modules are meticulously designed for rapid and tangible results. This systematic approach keeps you engaged, challenges your limits, and evolves with your progress, all while keeping tennis at its core.

Mastering Motor Skills

Rooted in the philosophy of the six essential motor skills, our training emphasizes agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. It's not just about playing tennis; it's about dominating it with finesse and strength.

Behind 6 Fitness

At the heart of is a team of dedicated trainers, coaches and consultants, each bringing a unique blend of experience, passion, and expertise. What truly sets our professionals apart is their intimate understanding of tennis, not just as trainers but as players themselves. Every coach in our roster has been on the court, experienced the adrenaline of a match point, and the satisfaction of a well-placed serve. This first-hand experience ensures they not only teach fitness but also understand the intricate dance of athleticism and strategy that is tennis. When you train with, you're not just getting a workout; you're getting the combined wisdom of individuals who've lived and breathed the game.

Eddie Miron

Head of Fitness Programs

Shek Ling (Timothy) Ng

Athletic Therapist & Fitness Coach

Adriano Fuorivia

High Performance Programs Consultant

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